Technical Support

For new and existing CyberKnife centres

Delays in starting up

Many new CyberKnife centres which have opened in recent years have experienced long delays and 'teething problems' before becoming fully operational.
It is not uncommon for new centres to take months to come up to anticipated operating capacity.

Why do problems persist?

Quite simply there is not enough expertise worldwide to satisfy the technical and medical needs for quality and quantity of CyberKnife treatments needed.
New CyberKnife centres often experience teething problems and delays

Independent support and training

Key services include:

CyberKnife support services

Comprehensive support and training services are available, which can help new CyberKnife centres come up to speed quickly.
Advanced CyberKnife treatment planning skills key to success of new centre
CyberKnife technical support

German CyberKnife Services

German CyberKnife Services
German CyberKnife Services is based at Saphir Radiosurgery North Germany (ex CyberKnife Centre North Germany) between Berlin and Hamburg, which was set up with the backing of four local university hospitals.
German CyberKnife Services therefore has an intimate working knowledge of the CyberKnife radiosurgery system and is uniquely placed to offer its expertise to other centres.
These include L├╝beck, where much of the CyberKnife technology now used worldwide was developed.
German CyberKnife Services, commissioning, training and technical support
Technical support, remote treatment planning, training programmes and purchasing or commissioning for new Cyberknife centres.
Planning, purchase, installation and commissioning of new systems.
Training of medical physisists and clinicians, at existing centres and on-site.
Advanced treatment planning to minimise treatment times, improve patient safety and comfort and maximise patient throughput.
Assistance in starting more complex soft-tissue tumour treatments early.
Improving technical skills to avoid down-time and cost overruns.
Vacation cover and remote treatment planning.
New CyberKnife centres often experience teething problems and delays
MHL CyberKnife Service
Enquiry service for CyberKnife radiosurgery
MHL for advanced medical treatments